11/03/2014 – 16/03/2014
1000hrs – 1800hrs daily
Earl Lu Gallery #B102 Basement 1, mezzanine

“The composer’s surface is an illusion into which he puts something real – sound. The painter’s surface is something real from which he then creates an illusion…” Morton Feldman

TANGIBLE OEUVRE TACET is an ongoing series of tactile sound installations conceived by Darren Ng, exploring the contextual displacement of sounds through invisible vibrations, sprouted from simple musings.

This first installment – FRICTION, explores the intimacy of discreet sounds cradled by chance. This collective tactile sound installation encourages participation and interaction, bestowing the visitors the role of “composers” as they are invited to use any objects on the display counter, in whatever manner they wish, to interact with and create sounds on and in contact with the surface of the tabletop – from rolling a marble, to writing, or drawing on it. The sounds this installation don on are limited only by one’s creativity and imagination.

Through the course of the day, the sounds created are recorded and processed real-time algorithmically, playing back randomly or when triggered by sounds made by other visitors. The sound installation is thereby created live by the collective efforts of the visitors conveying the present to the future as past, like an encrypted personal signature echoing in time, a lost message traveling to unknown ears; and the tabletop a relic of visual remnants documenting past communal interactions between strangers. The composer’s surface is now something real from which he then creates an illusion like a painter, orchestrating a symphony of alienating micro-sounds…

To quote Aristotle – “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. The invisible (micro) sounds of our everyday lives, masked by the cacophony of our (macro) urban sound-scape and environment, make up our continued existence aurally. The installation hopes to distill and displace these sounds in relation to existing audible sounds, as visitors explore the intimacy of these discreet sounds and create for themselves, deterministically, a sound installation of their own.

Part of Sound: Latitudes and Attitudes 2014


An ongoing experimentation for my tactile sound installations – Tangible Oeuvre Tacet.

In this experiment, various singing bowls of varied sizes are being tested with dry ice (frozen Carbon Dioxide, also known as “cardice”). The sublimation process of the dry ice causes the singing bowls to sing. Due to the high thermal conductivity, the sublimation speeds up, the oscillations in pressure occur very rapidly, producing sound waves.

I am experimenting on its behaviour and how the sizes of the singing bowls affect the tones. In time to come, I hope to devise a viable method (possibly interactive) for the dry ice to interact with the singing bowls.

Some of you have asked me for the sheet music for “Caesura”. To be honest, I’ve scored it when I composed the song but am never really quite confident about my scoring. But with the festive season round the corner, I thought I’ll share it with you guys. You can download the PDF from the link provided. Hope you all will enjoy playing it, in your own beautiful ways. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


Stranger To My Room

I’ve recently sound designed for a theatre production – “CITIZEN PIG” by The Finger Players, where I did a sound installation employing 12 Tactile Transducers (Bass Shakers) powered by a Buttkicker Amplifier (using series|parallel wiring).

Strategically installed on the metallic structure under the audience bleachers and on the hand rails, the audience feels the physical vibrations and hears the physical rattles of the metallic structure. All sounds created and produced are purely acoustic rather than play-backs. The low frequencies designed from machineries and train track sounds cause the transducers to vibrate and physically shake and rattle the audience bleachers; objects like screws and nuts, wheel parts and pulleys are employed to cover the mid and high rattling frequencies. The first video shows some tests and experiments with the various objects during my creative process and the second video shows the actual sound installation and the effect achieved on site:

You can see some photo documentation of the production HERE


anatomy of muted bipedal avialae

murmuration 001

What is the sound of flight, the muscles contracting and releasing, the incessant batting of wings. Like the reeling of a black and white film lost and found, like breaths of a day happening in an instant.

I continue to wonder/wander…

[I have started a picturesque documentation of many endless nights of composition and recording for my next album – “Murmurations”; LINK]

stranger to my room


Format: CD + Art Book
25 July 2013

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